Section: Maintenance Commands (8)
Updated: November 2005
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ntfscluster - identify files in a specified region of an NTFS volume.  


ntfscluster [options] device  


ntfscluster has three modes of operation: info, sector and cluster.  


The default mode, info is currently not implemented. It will display general information about the NTFS volume when it is working.  


The sector mode will display a list of files that have data in the specified range of sectors.  


The cluster mode will display a list of files that have data in the specified range of clusters. When the cluster size is one sector, this will be equivalent to the sector mode of operation.  


Below is a summary of all the options that ntfscluster accepts. Nearly all options have two equivalent names. The short name is preceded by - and the long name is preceded by --. Any single letter options, that don't take an argument, can be combined into a single command, e.g. -fv is equivalent to -f -v. Long named options can be abbreviated to any unique prefix of their name.
-c, --cluster RANGE
Any files whose data is in this range of clusters will be displayed.
-F, --filename NAME
Show information about this file.
-f, --force
This will override some sensible defaults, such as not working with a mounted volume. Use this option with caution.
-h, --help
Show a list of options with a brief description of each one.
-I, --inode NUM
Show information about this inode.
-i, --info
This option is not yet implemented.
-q, --quiet
Reduce the amount of output to a minimum. Naturally, it doesn't make sense to combine this option with
-s, --sector RANGE
Any files whose data is in this range of sectors will be displayed.
-v, --verbose
Increase the amount of output that ntfscluster prints.
-V, --version
Show the version number, copyright and license for ntfscluster.


Get some information about the volume /dev/hda1.

ntfscluster /dev/hda1

Look for files in the first 500 clusters of /dev/hda1.

ntfscluster -c 0-500 /dev/hda1



The info mode isn't implemented yet. ntfscluster is quite limited, but it has no known bugs. If you find a bug please send an email describing the problem to the development team:


ntfscluster was written by Richard Russon, with contributions from Anton Altaparmakov.  


ntfscluster is part of the ntfsprogs package and is available from:

The manual pages are available online at:


ntfsinfo(8), ntfsprogs(8)