Section: Maintenance Commands (8)
Updated: October 2006
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init - process management daemon  


init [OPTION]...  


init is the parent of all processes on the system, it is executed by the kernel and is responsible for starting all other processes; it is the parent of all processes whose natural parents have died and it is responsible for reaping those when they die.

Processes managed by init are known as jobs, and can be further split into two types; services are supervised and respawned if they should terminate unexpectedly, and tasks are simply run once and not respawned if they should terminate.

On startup init reads the /etc/event.d directory, each file describes a job that should be managed. This includes the particulars about what binary or shell script code should executed while the job is running, and which events can cause the job to be started or stopped.  


init is not normally executed by a user process, and expects to have a process id of 1. If this is not the case, it will actually execute telinit(8) and pass all arguments to that. See that manual page for further details.  


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initctl(8) telinit(8)